Government Easy Accessibility To The People

True representative democracy will be established in Akwa Ibom State. Our Government shall create regular forum for reasonable interactive sessions with religious leaders, professional organizations, traditional rulers, students’ leaders and physically challenged persons. This forum shall be an opportunity for unhindered exchange of ideas and opinions between the Government and the people. The essence of this is to ensure that government decisions and policies reflect the hope, aspirations and challenges of Akwa Ibom people and their socio-economic potentials. There will be one or two working days in the week that will be set aside for any Akwa Ibom any citizen who wishes to see the Governor to have access and discuss with him. This all-inclusive government will be the first of its kind in Akwa Ibon State. With God as our Guide, we shall strive to do our utmost best for the greater happiness of our people.
I therefore urge all Akwa Ibom People to support and come on board our Covenant Mission Team that will build a government of charity for all and malice to none. And boundless joy to our people to bury the frustration of the irreparable painful past that ravages our psyches, provokes our intellects, dampens our enthusiasm and makes us uncomfortable with the situation in our rural communities.
Hence, we have resolved to be accessible and humble enough to accommodate and tolerate the views and constructive criticisms of people across all political spectrums.